BLESSED BE dear reader, and thank you for joining me here!

The story of Junko Junsui has been both one of the most exciting and confusing tales I’ve heard in a long time. I have been following the story carefully, through the various websites and videos, the postings on messageboards and the many Twitter and Facebook postings both by and about the Junsui.

Let me pass some of the information gained by these dozens of hours of inquisition onto you.

Now, you may ask yourself ‘who is this person claiming to know all these things?’ Well, with apologies, I must insist on not telling.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, personal information has become such a large part of this experience. Depending on whom or what you believe (and the vastly varied number of opinions on what exactly is happening here is the reason compelling me to write these notes), real names and personal details have become a part of this story, almost a form of currency. I value what little privacy I have and need not see my own name attached in any way to these proceedings.

Your should also know that I shall try to be as filled with journalistic integrity as I can. This means, I will be leaving some aspects of this world and the debate that centered on these aspects mostly to the side. I am only interested in recounting the story as I watched it unfold so that others who stumble into this world may find these journals to be a relatively concise walk-through of the events.

There are some people with very strong opinions about how this story was told and if you wish to hear them express themselves, there are plenty of places you can find that will show you what you seek. I suggest that if you wish to interact with some of these people you DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK, for reasons I hope to later elucidate.

The other reason I am posting this anonymously is that I have a job in an office with people around me who think I am a busy and hard-working individual. I would hate to have them realise otherwise.


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